At Autogeria, we offer a wide range of automobile services.
Below are some of the services we provide:-


As Market Makers and authorized reseller for Copart Inc USA, we help you bid for cars from a pool of over 50,000 cars available for sale on Copart auctions each day.


We ship either by Container or RORO (Roll-On Roll-Off). We make use of the best shipping lines who offer best connection services to your vehicle destination in order to avoid unnecessary delays in delivery

Vehicle Management Services

We can help turn your vehicle into a source of income for you by deploying for commercial purposes and remitting funds to you on a monthly basis


Our teams of carefully appointed clearing agents are always on hand to assist you in clearing your vehicles in a professional and timely manner

Special Order

We can help you order brand new and used cars from many parts of the world. Please send an email to

Part Ordering

In the event that some parts in your purchased vehicle need replacement We offer a complete range of air freight solutions, including sourcing for any type of auto parts for you from the US

Auto Repairs

We offer repair services for water flooded, mildly or heavily damaged vehicles. We have an array of vastly experienced engineers and body works specialists that will ensure your vehicles are restored to tip top condition to give optimum performance and satisfaction


We offer consulting services for individuals and corporate bodies interested in automobile sales and services.

Transportation & Logistics

Our Transportation & Logistics unit provide quality assistance with the movement of your vehicle from its location to any destination of your choice or to one of our trans-shipment warehouses located within the United States for onward shipping to Nigeria.

About Autogeria

AutoGeria Limited is the foremost online auto brokerage company in Africa. We are the first Copart Market Makers and Registered Broker operating in Nigeria.
Through our web portal and alliance with Copart LLC USA, we help you get cars at the cheapest possible rate you can find from US, UK, Dubai and Canada.

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