It is a common thing finding  Nigerians  Import Cars to Nigeria from countries like USA,Canada,Dubai etc.

Every  Nigerian desires a Car to ease transportation in Nigeria. the reason is simple. Using public transport in Nigeria might not be conducive enough. It can be frustrating and time wasting especially when you have to contend with other people to fill limited spaces available. Getting a personal Car will eliminate such Challenge.Import Cars to Nigeria

Another challenge arises when one tries to get a Car in Nigeria whether new or used. It is highly beneficial to have a firsthand information on what Vehicle one is about to purchase so that the specifications can be ascertained. However, many car dealers in Nigeria cannot offer such information to the prospective clients.



When pondering about  how to Import Cars to Nigeria it is generally thought that as long as a car looks beautiful, trendy or popular, it can be purchased. It is to be noted that such information is peripheral. In other words, the important aspects are left out and that can be disadvantageous. Some of the aspects are discussed below:

  • It is important to look out for essential safety features which includes electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, safety alerts et al.
  • Also, the condition of the engine needs to be ascertained because it is the brain behind every vehicle.
  • Furthermore, the cost of ownership cannot be ignored because affordability matters a lot. One has to consider finances before opting for any car.
  • In the case of a used car, a vehicle history report is important because it contains every vital information on the ownership history and the state of the car.
  • A car warranty is important too. Maintenance and servicing of a car is important when purchased. This ensures that a car can serve its purpose for a long period of time.


  • After potential problems and features have been highlighted, the next step to be taken is to ascertain where to purchase a car. There are many Nigerian car dealers but the important question is how many of them can offer the services required or how many of them have the link to topnotch services? There have been many tales of Nigerian car dealers of being utterly dishonest, not offering warranty or selling substandard vehicles to clients. This is why it is advisable to purchase cars from foreign countries.


  • Anyone who is familiar with foreign car purchase knows that the issue of haggling prices with dealers is eliminated because there is a general breakdown done to intimate one of the value they are getting for their money. These prices are regulated by manufacturers so there is no way one can be swindled or tricked to pay more than the value of such car.
  • Another advantage that purchasing cars overseas offers is that they employ topnotch professional sales people who are trained and certified as skilled consultants. These people attend to prospective clients. They provide adequate information on the car, what value the product is offering, what best fits the roads to be taken and others. Also, they offer advice on the best car to buy considering a client’s budget and lifestyle.


  • Furthermore, special offers and promotions abound in foreign countries unlike Nigeria where most of these services aren’t regulated generally. Many of these manufacturers or factories employ these incentives as a way of giving back to their esteemed clients so it is very possible to purchase a car for half its value. It is noteworthy that such offers are done on regular basis.


  • Likewise, there is a room for paying in installments. This eliminates the pressure associated with purchasing a car outrightly. It can be financially burdensome but there are plans set up to enable a client purchase with ease.


  • In the same vein, buying a salvaged car can be full of intricacies. Buying such cars in eradicate such problem. Before being sold, foreign dealers must have obtained full details of the car and inspected it. Then they shall provide substantial information on what one wants to purchase. They shall also provide the financial breakdown of what it would cost to repair such car. They also get rid of the possibility of purchasing a stolen vehicle which can be problematic.



Purchasing a car overseas from Nigeria can be done with two methods and they shall be examined.

The first method is to purchase cars online. This involves surfing the internet to view varieties of cars and choose a preferred one. When this is done, the protective purchaser is contacted by a salesperson who does the walkthrough of a product, answers pertinent questions and provides adequate information that is beneficial to the purchase. Thus, such person is dedicated to simplify any difficulty that might be associated with purchasing the car. In the light of technological advancement, this is employed to ensure ease of life.

Pros of Online Purchase

  • Purchasing a car online can eliminate the stress associated with purchasing a car. One can make such purchase within the comfort of one’s home. Also, one does not have to go through the rigors of test driving when they watch videos online and conducting deals.
  • Again, cancelling a deal when one isn’t particularly satisfied with can be done easily. All one has to do is ignore mails or deactivate registration accounts. Easy peasy!


  • Again, paper works are eliminated. It Is obvious can be time wasting and patience testing. This isn’t something many people want to get involved with and online purchase is an avenue to bypass that.


Cons of Online Purchase

  • An online purchase does not ensure quality. A client’s comfort is key but that cannot be ascertained online unless he/she sits and test drives the car.


  • Furthermore, purchasing online cars can put a buyer at the risk of being scammed. Many websites are created and designed to attract unsuspecting customers to purchase a fictitious car. This leads to being swindled of hard-earned money and recovering such money is nearly impossible because formal complaints have to be made to appropriate authorities and this takes a lot of time. The scammers might have exhausted the money before being caught.



The second method to purchase a car in Nigeria from overseas is employing the services of a company to act as the middleman between the manufacturer and the buyer. The dealers are saddled with the responsibility of getting top notch products for their clients. They are designed to minimize the stress and risks associated with purchasing cars online. They take up the challenges and they offer premium services for. This method is highly recommended because of its numerous advantages and few of them shall be mentioned.


Why you should buy a car from Overseas through a dealer

  • These companies specialize in taking note of a client’s specifications and finding the best results. They have internet salespersons who employ different incentives to maximize output. They focus on selling higher number of cars rather than at exorbitant prices.


  • Also, patronize these companies because it is even more time saving than direct online purchase because they are highly skilled and they know just where to look for particular orders.




  • Furthermore, the issue of online scam is eliminated because they have formed partnerships with various car manufacturers or factories. Therefore, a seamless purchase is guaranteed.


  • Again, purchasing salvaged cars can be troublesome. There have been many stories of salvaged cars purchased online only for them to be non-reparable and non-refundable. This problem is abolished when an online dealer is employed. Such company understands the technical know-hows of purchasing new, used and salvaged cars. They own personalized websites that display average prices of cars.


  • In the same vein, some online dealers like Autogeria have workers who are stationed in various parts of the world to inspect vehicles to be purchased. They take note of how a client’s specifications and how he/she can be comfortable and they scrutinize vehicles to know the ones that can offer clients’ such premium services.



There are some automobile-related companies in Nigeria and one that really stands out among them is Autogeria. A copart market maker, they offer various services in their establishment which include handling the  Import Cars to Nigeria. They are an authorized reseller for the reputable USA manufacturer, Copart Inc. Their services include bidding for cars from a cross-section of over 50,000 cars every day. They also offer Vehicle Management Service. Because they have vast experience in the automobile industry, they improve their ability to ensure that high-quality products and vehicular services are provided.

Furthermore, cars’ spare parts can be ordered through them because of their vast connections around the world. They know where to source for every type of spare parts around the globe. Even when they purchase salvaged cars for clients, they offer automobile repairs services to repair damaged cars. They have experienced and dedicated engineers and body works specialists who ensure that quality services are delivered.

It is equally important to note that they offer shipping and clearing services with astute professionalism and in a timely manner. Also, they offer ‘special order’ services which is different from the normal order. This is applicable with scarce and vintage cars and parts which are not easily accessible and cannot be gotten easily. Other services provided include transportation & logistics, consulting services and others.

For more information on how you can Import Cars to Nigeria, contact Autogeria via office address: 26 King George V Street,Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria, phone: +2348149990999; +23414537338; +2348187030888, email:, logon to their website: