We are now in the other quarter of the year and it is only logical for one to look for different avenues to make additional income before the year runs out.

On that note, we like to introduce a stress-free way to make an additional income. Do you know your vehicle can be an asset and it can be an avenue to generate income for you?

Yes, it is and many individuals have taken advantage of this method to make additional income.

You can utilize your vehicle to generate an additional income by investing in the transportation service.

It is no news that Uber and Taxify are known for providing quality transportation services around the world.

Therefore, to benefit from this service, all that you have to do is to purchase a car through an automobile company (if you don’t have a vehicle yet).

If you have a vehicle, look out for automobile companies that can help in the process of registering your vehicle on Uber and Taxify.

Go ahead and authorize the company to hire a driver who will be in charge of running the business on your behalf.

In addition to that, you should authorize the automobile company to be in charge of managing your vehicle on your behalf.

So, what are the benefits of outsourcing the task of vehicle management services to an automobile company?

The benefits of are listed below:

–    It definitely eliminates the stress of managing your vehicle which can be very tasking.

–    It ensures the smooth running of your business. The automobile company will be in charge of ensuring that the business runs smoothly.

–    It removes any kind of loss

The company will also ensure an experienced and well-mannered driver is hired to drive the vehicle. This will help reduce the cost or damage an inexperienced or ill-mannered driver can cause.


–    It brings about accountability.

This is mainly because the company always ensures there is no loss because all profit made from this investment or business will be well accounted for and a financial report will be handed to you from time to time.

–    They help in the car repair

The automobile company will manage the car and ensure the car is in good condition always. This means they are in charge of repair and every other thing needed to ensure the smooth running of the car.

There are companies that can deliver these benefits listed above. One such company is Autogeria

AutoGeria Limited is the foremost online auto brokerage company in Africa. They are the first Copart Market Makers and Registered Broker operating in Nigeria.

In addition, AutoGeria is the Foremost Vehicle Management Company in Nigeria. They have created innovative ways to solve the challenges attached to vehicle management. They manage a fleet of cars efficiently and they provide a financial report of the vehicles managed by them

So, the next question should be how can this be made possible? This can be made possible by following these simple steps below:

–    Place an order for a car on AutoGeria by visiting their website www. AutoGeria.com to select the type of car you want to purchase.

–    Go ahead and make payment through any of the payment options specified.

–    Authorize AutoGeria to register your car on Uber or Taxify on your behalf.

The unique aspect of all these is that AutoGeria helps you order your car from overseas, repair it and register it on Uber and Taxify at the cheapest possible rate.

AutoGeria also provides vehicle management services which eliminate the stress of hiring and managing drivers.

This simply means they hire and manage drivers on your behalf. They ensure they remit to you weekly and they handle repairs needed in the car.

They maintain your vehicle at a small fee and this definitely takes away the stress of arguing with any driver or going through any stress involved in vehicle management process.

This service will create more income for you because things will be done the right way and timely, an accurate financial report will be handed over to you.

So why not tap into this great avenue to make additional income for yourself and to also invest your money? or Click here